Pricing is based on the size of your school, which is the total number of staff and students. Please see below.

Users Price
1 - 249 £ 55pa
250 - 499 £ 80pa
500 - 999 £ 125pa
1000 - 1999 £ 205pa
2000+ £ 255pa

The prices listed are per annum. Paying the license fee every year entitles you to the latest version of the software and support.

How to Buy

Contact Sales or one of our preferred software resellers to purchase ActivMan. You can also ask your own preferred reseller to contact us in regard to purchasing ActivMan.

Official purchase orders can be sent directly to ANB Software (either email or post) whereby the necessary license keys will be issued. Please note official purchase orders sent by email MUST be sent from valid email addresses of the organisation purchasing the product.